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L.A Fashion Week: from Rock’ n’ Roll to Road Kill

Posted by therealquickie on October 14, 2008

The city of Angels has taken on fashion with a Rock’ n’ Roll twist yesterday by showcasing very promising and colourful designs. Talent is bubbling in the West Coast.

The City of Angels opened its catwalks yesterday with what is rumoured to be its last fashion week. The listing of designers showing at the event might be less impressive than that of New York, but the shows kicked off to stacks of eclectic ideas.

LA Fashion week has a reputation for displaying wearable collections with an individual touch. The clothes might not rival with the eerie eccentricities of the past weeks but a few quirks already got some attention from the fashion watchers.

Gen Art’s hot fashion event, Fresh Faces in Fashion had an exciting roundup of up and coming Los Angeles designers.

Quail presented an attention-grabbing collection inspired by Courtney Love, but all redesigned in shades of pink, peach and bright green.

Frills, Rock’ n’ Roll with a feminine twist and neon colours now seem inevitable next season. Tomboy chic was found at Maxine Dillon, juxtaposed with graphic prints and florals.

Feminine sophistication and chic have not been forgotten though and the timeless classical styles are still an all year round safety net. Kevin Hall opened his show with what appears to be a ‘clin d’oeuil’ to Paris as his first model catwalked in a black and white, two-piece sleeveless suit and a stiff beret.

There were still a couple of oddities to be spotted: porcupine feet and chicken feet necklaces did not fail to cause a little bit of fashion nausea in the ranks. The jewellery line is called Roadkill.

The Recycled Dead collect animal pieces from around the world to transform animal refuse into high fashion pieces.

For animal lovers who find the dead animal bits a little too much, there is Wayne Joffe’s sharkskin suiting that added kitsch and retro to the catwalk.

Alexandre Mc Queen was spot on when he chose a Darwinian theme for his Paris show: designers and the animal kingdom are more linked than we might think…

by Anastasia Porret,

Click here for main article on Paris Fashion Week.


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