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Millions Set To Die In Ethiopia’s Famine Crisis

Posted by sarahnics on October 14, 2008

Millions of Ethiopians are set to die in the onslaught of a new famine crisis, as it reaches an all time high. The people of Ethiopia are on the brink of starvation, and with the continued drought there will be a massive crisis, warns Oxfam.
The Ethiopian government has announced that the number of people in need of emergency aid has risen from 4.6 million to 6.4 million since June. With a further 7.2 million people already receiving government handouts of food and cash aid.

The country has been left in dire need of help from Western Countries as it tries to cope with the strain on resources.

Ethiopians are already struggling to cope with the trebling of the cost of grain this year, with the number of people on the verge of severe hunger rising by the day. The most affected are those who can no longer afford to buy food from the markets after their crops have failed.
Oxfam have released figures from the United Nations showing that there is $260 million shortfall for agencies trying to address Ethiopia’s crisis. The warning issued by Oxfam is reminiscent of the crisis of 1984-1985 famine, during which more than 1 million Ethiopian people died.

However Ethiopia is not the only region that is in danger of facing a food crisis. A summit in New York showed that progress on the pledge to reduce world hunger by 2015 had only reached the half way point.

Slow To Act

Oxfam attacked the ‘lack of urgency’ in dealing with the food crisis that is affecting a sixth of the world’s population. The crisis in the Horn of Africa which is affecting more than 17 million people is leaving aid agencies struggling to close the $700 million gap needed to deal with the crisis.

With the world’s economy in the midst of a financial crisis the fate of the world’s hungry hangs in the balance. Also the underestimation of the problem by Ethiopia’s own government means that many more will have to suffer before the world fully awakens to the plight of the Ethiopian people

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