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The New Hair of Fashion: the Agyness Deyn influence

Posted by Athenais on October 23, 2008

The new face of fashion is a spiky peroxide crop. has reported last week that the Agyness Deyn hairstyle is well on its way to become the look of the decade.

The 24-year-old model has taken the world of fashion in a whirlwind of bleach and attitude with that signature haircut nicknamed ‘The Aggy’. With her shaggy look, she is already referred to as the next supermodel.

Agyness Deyn has been on the cover of pretty much everything; she is the favourite of Burberry and Jean Paul Gaultier, she was named model of the year by the British Fashion Awards in 2007 and she is a nominee for this year’s awards.

All of the above she achieved with – and thanks to – short blond hair, in defiance of traditional ideals of femininity.

Contrarily to rumours, Aggy was not discovered with the haircut. New-York-stylist, Sam McKnight, created her look two years ago for a Mario Testino Shoot. Shortly after, her career boomed: is it talent or the hair?

A bit of both. ‘The Aggy’ is a signature look, very sharp and full of character, McKnight told the Daily Mail: “it’s a classic rebel haircut and if you’ve got the nerve to actually do it, you can probably pull it off”.

Agyness Deyn certainly does have the nerve according to her stylist. Whatever the show or the shoot she is never static.

Even in the most retro-glamour setting and clothes (Angel of the North, photographed by Tim Walker for British Vogue, August 2008), she still gives away a buzzing energy that makes fashion photography a communication medium between the model, the clothes and the viewer.

Unlike other static faces of fashion like Kate Moss or Lily Cole, she does not only have a pretty face. ‘The Aggy’ is an electrifying crop that is likely to represent a decade of fashion entrepreneurship.

Anyone tempted to reach for the scissors?

Victoria Beckham, Sarah Harding and Pixie Geldof have already given it a try; and designers like Betty Jackson have showcased a lot of textured androgynous hair this season.

For the first time in many years it seems like fashion is ready for more demonstration.

by Anastasia Porret,

Click here for main article about Britain’s leading fashion industry.


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