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The Invisible Aborigines

Posted by sarahnics on October 24, 2008

The fate of the Aborigines is a sad one to contemplate. Pushed out of their homes by the government, they have been left to settle in what has become known as the slums of Austrailia.

The Aborigines are the most diasadvantaged group in Austrailia, with a life expectancy 20 years younger than their white counterparts, due to a high level of ill health, imprisonment and unemployment.

Living in such dismal conditions means that many Aborigines have succumbed to alcohol and drug abuse as a way of escaping from their surroundings.

As a result there are also high levels of prostitution, child abuse and domestic abuse, with indigenous women 50 times more likely to suffer from domestic violence than white women.

Alcohol Abuse


A report showed that an Aborigine life is claimed by alcohol abuse every 38 hours.

Suicide is the greatest cause of death amongst intoxicated indigeous men, for women it is either liver cirrhosis or stoke.

The plague of alcohol abuse is running rampant in the indigenous areas, becoming such a problem that the government finally had to take notice.

The feeling behind the alcohol and drug abuse is said to come from a feeling of being left behind by the mainstream Austrialian society.

Talking to the BBC, Pastor Ray Minniecon said, “To understand alcohol abuse we need to look at the ways in which our people have been treated over the last 200 years. Most of this stuff is just a broken spirit of the Aboriginal people… and alcohol abuse becomes the substitute for the spirit we would like to have.”

As a reaction to the dangers of alcohol abuse, the government have banned alcohol and child pornography from indigenous areas, as a way to curb the problems.

Petrol Sniffing


Despite the actions of the government, it has not stopped people from attempting to escape the realities of their lives.

People have resulted to sniffing petrol in a bid to obtain the ‘high’ they usually get off alcohol.

However that is not the only problem running rife in the area, child abuse is also another astonishing factor.

A report found that children were being exposed to pornography, and were attempting to imitate it amongst themselves.

Also children as young as five were found to have contracted sexually transmitted infections.

Young girls were being prostituted for drugs as well as the newly preferred substance of petrol.

Meaning that more than an alcohol ban needs to be done by the government to improve the lives of Indigenous people.


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