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Does Westminster Uni need Jamie Oliver?

Posted by lsjlaura on October 29, 2008

Jamie Oliver is being filmed in the US to explore American food and their eating habits, but do we need him here in Harrow to give some tips at the Westminster University canteen?

Upper crust busy serving


With the canteen divided into the baguette shop chain, Upper Crust and the universities salad bar and hot plates, there appears to be a good balance between hot and cold food.


Most students however, would like to see more variety at the canteen. There is some concern that the same foods appear everyday. The same example of cafeteria salad existing only of cucumber, tomato and lettuce was given by two different students.

Hannah Hultman, 24 a Marketing Communications student said: “It’s always the same thing everyday. Quality is acceptable but I’d prefer a better range.”

And her fellow colleague Lloyds Harding 23, who is a vegan finds that buying from the university doesn’t suit his needs. He would like to see more vegan options as this would account for vegetarians and those who eat Halal foods only as well.

Eating on the go


Fat or fit?

On my visit to the canteen, I could spot few if any students who were overweight. Certainly non were obese; Jamie Oliver would be pleased. Is this because Media and Arts students are just too busy to eat?

Many students admitted that they skipped meals because of lack of time. Others gave examples of their healthy regimes to stay in shape, Aaron Dixon, 20 who studies Photographic Arts said:

“I make sure I don’t eat too much junk. I eat a lot of veg and go to the gym too.”

But perhaps students are so slim because we just can’t afford to keep eating?

Student prices please

Time and time again, on asking about what Harrow campus students thought about the food served, opinions were based around price.

Ton Rycak, 25, a communication and networks student said that he was satisfied with the quality however he said that:

“It’s good food, but students shouldn’t be paying the same amount here as you would have to at a high street shop on Oxford Street.”

Laura Hawkins, 24 studying a Masters in Journalism agrees that the food, “Doesn’t seem to be subsidized for students.”

“You probably end up spending £4 or £5 on lunch everyday”, said Sihle, 22 and a compuer scientist.

Spending on vending


A fashion design student Catrina Holm said: “I wish there was somewhere we could buy a cheaper sandwich.” She also wishes there was a microwave so she could heat up her own food. Instead to avoid paying she brings in her own salads for lunch.

Bella Patel, 20 and a Multimedia computing student who was not impressed by canteen food prices said: “I tend to go out and get sandwiches from Sainsbury’s. It’s cheaper.”

Perhaps getting Jamie Oliver in would be too expensive. A Jamie Oliver book of recipes on the shelf might be a better canteen option.

By Laura James –


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