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Individual styles: the best mix and matches on campus

Posted by Athenais on October 29, 2008

See what’s stylish today at Westminster University: some edgy students are asked about their style, their favorite shops, their inspirations and style icons and what they think of their University’s style.

A lot of effortless looks and young designers seem to inspire students.

Sihle, 22, Computer Science

“I like to mix and match according to what I have in my closet, how I feel and the weather! I like comfortable styles. I mostly shop in Primark and Top Shop.
I like Beyoncee’s style, when she’s not dolled up.
I think the University has some really cool style. I would not wear them myself but they look great on other people.”

Veronika Hastovskaya, 21, MA Global Buisness

“I dress depending on my mood. I’m inspired by what is in journals, magazines and what I see on the streets. I think my style icon would be Keira Knightley.
I combine clothes from Top Shop and Selfridges.
I think it is really important that the people at this university have very personal and different styles. They build a new tendency, which becomes in vogue. Otherwise we would all be the same in 10 years, but because all these people have crazy styles we will all be different when we leave university. I think it’s really important to start standing out now.”

Thidarat Kaha, 20, BA fashion design

“I dress however I feel like in the morning, I like changing styles a lot, a can be dressed very differently from one day to the next, it just has to be edgy. I like tailoring a lot too. Designers like Henry Holland, Alexander Mc Queen and Christopher Kane. I mix and match my clothes, I shop at Top Shop, Portobello Market, Brick Lane Market and a lot of Charity shops.
I have been to other universities and this one definitely has more variety in terms of alternative styles. I like seeing all those different styles. Some inspire me but I think the most important is to make it your own, that’s what I do with all my clothes.”

Sarah Hailay, 22, BSC Cognitive Science

“I have a very edgy style, for example I’m going to wear a very tight top and something flowy at the bottom, or if I wear a flowy top, I will wear skinny jeans with it: I like contrast. I am very selective with my clothes and where I shop. Dsquared2 is my favorite designer and the one I get the most inspiration from. I also really like Stella McCartney, Galliano and vintage clothes.
I am, again, very selective when I shop. I buy things from the High Street, some vintage and some designer pieces.
I like the styles at this University, I think it’s very cool, everyone has their own style.”

Claire Barrow, 18, BA Fashion Design

“You caught me on my worst day, I usually pay attention to what I wear. I pick my clothes in the morning according to how I feel on the day. I get a lot of clothes on E-bay and from charity shops, but I also shop at H&M and Zara.
I’m more inspired by things going on around me, like cultural events, more than style icons or designers.
I quite like the style I see at university, especially in my fashion class. It’s important when you do design because they judge you on your individuality.”

By Anastasia Porret


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