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Twenty20 for 20 Million

Posted by elinord on October 29, 2008

Cricket has never had such a high price tag


With 20 million dollars as the prize money, The Stanford Challenge Twenty20 match between England and the specially selected Stanford Superstars X1 will see the winning team players earn one million dollars each.


On Sunday, 1st November, Antigua will host the historic ‘Stanford Twenty20 for 20’ one-off match where the ‘winner-takes-all’.


Already underway, the tournament is showcasing six matches involving four teams; England, Stanford Superstars, Middlesex and Trinidad and Tobago at the Stanford Cricket Ground.


The ‘richest cricket match of all time’


Over eight days England will be preparing for the most expensive game of their careers at the Stanford Super Series.


Already a rich player, England captain Kevin Pietersen told Sport “I know the money is big, but what I’m really interested in seeing is how the team performs when the pressure is on.”


For the majority of the England team the impending match is potentially life-changing, however Pietersen is not fazed, “I don’t care what motivates people, as long as they are motivated.”


Whether the team is driven by the prize money or not, this short West-Indian tournament has been embraced by the England team as a motivator for the India tour and the crucial Ashes series in summer.

Celebration as England dominate in the West indies. Courtesy of

Celebration as England dominate in the West indies. Courtesy of


The Latest


With the tournament underway, England’s days are numbered as their fight against Stanford Superstars begins for the 20 million dollar prize.


The match fixtures and results are as follows;

  • 25th, October Stanford Superstars v Trinidad and Tobago
    Superstars won by 22 runs
  • 26th ,October England v Middlesex
    England won by 12 runs
  • 27th, October Trinidad and Tobago v Middlesex
    Trinidad & Tobago won by five wickets
  • 28th, October England v Trinidad and Tobago
  • 30th, October Stanford Superstars v Middlesex
  • 1st, November Stanford Superstars v England

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