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A Snapshot on the New President Elects Views

Posted by 19sevenseven on October 30, 2008

Barack Obama’s political views are as diverse as the cross section of people who voted for him. On some subjects Mr. Obama can come across as relatively conservative, such as NAFTA, an agreement he wants renegotiated, as he deems the agreement detrimental to US jobs. Yet, it’s the same agreement that has given Mexican and Canadian people and companies’ greater opportunity to do business with the US. In contrast to his views on NAFTA, Mr. Obama’s views on illegal immigration are conclusive, and includes a clearly defined pathway for illegal immigrants to eventually receive citizenship.

Topical Taxation

On the topic of taxation, Obama would plans to implement a clearly defined plan that would cut taxes for middle class families. Any family making over $250,000 would not see the benefit of the tax breaks, which is a complete departure from the workings of the Bush Administration, and would provide three times as many tax breaks for middle class families that McCain would have planned too.

Health Care Hysteria

Health care is another area that the new president elect won votes. He plans to implement a form of universal health care, a system of health care never seen before in the US. 47 million Americans are uninsured in the US. And statistics show that over $15 billion is spent annually to care for the uninsured. Mr. Obama blames cost as the main reason so many American’s are without health insurance. The new president would like to see affordable health care for all citizens of the US, which he believes should be paid for by insurance reforms, cutting costs, taking drug patents away from pharmaceutical companies, and require, as here in the UK, employers to contribute to the universal health care system. The most sane part of this healthy insurance reform would be to provide health insurance that would be mandatory for children.

NAFTA, illegal immigration, and health care reforms are just some of the issues that helped win the new president elect his seat in office. But with a looming, and growing financial crisis on the horizon, will he able to implement such radical changes in four short years?

For more information, click here. (Background Article)

By Quinn Gormley


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