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Brick Lane: Brick art

Posted by lsjlaura on November 1, 2008

Brick Lane is not just famous for its numerous curry houses and Indian cuisine, but it has also become a student hot spot for music, fashion and art.

Street and contemporary art is exhibited inside and out, along and around the Lane. Indoor places include:

  • The Brick Lane Gallery: includes British and international artists. They have many exhibitions including “Art in Mind”. This particular exhibit allows for emerging artists of all artistic backgrounds to display their works. The next one is 13-24th November.
  • Trolley Gallery: has a gallery of innovative and daring photography as well as having a collection of art books. The current exhibition is “Bull in a china shop” by Stephanie Quayle displaying expressive clay animal sculptures. This includes a sculpture of a life size Indian bull elephant.
  • F-art: is full of photography, sculpture, drawings, paintings and furniture. All with a quirky and original look and items can be bought online. At current they are showing the works of sculptors, Robert Race, who sculpts toys out of driftwood and Oliver Chavatte who uses rescued pieces of metal and materials.


As for outside, street art can be seen all around you as you walk along Brick Lane. It is constantly changing as wall faces are re-sprayed. Sometimes it’s for the better, with vibrant, skilful and coulourful art. But sometimes for the worse, with the average white letter scribbling.

The spray can contents of Banksy and D*Face are amongst famous artists whose works have appeared and has been a reason for the lance to become a popular place for bands to film their music videos.


Often there will be psychedelic and crazy scenes pictured on walls. One included an image of a monkey jumping from clouds of lightening wearing what looks like a “Burberry” hat and the other chopping down a huge flower wrapped in barbed wire.

Another is of two back to back crocodile heads trapped inside a pair of dentures.

Criminal Damage

Mesmorisingly colourful, they do add character to the place. However, graffiti is illegal in the UK and anyone caught in the act can be arrested under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 and offenders can be charged up to £5000. Therefore many of these street artists will stay hidden in the shadows.

By Laura James –


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