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Background: Proposition 8 Information

Posted by 19sevenseven on November 4, 2008

Proposition 8 is defined as the California State ballot proposition that, if successful, would change the California State constitution. The changes would mean that marriage would and could only ever be for heterosexual couples. If this Proposition 8 passes, it would cancel out a California Supreme Court decision that stated the gay marriage was a basic human right.

$74 Million Dollar Question

The for and against campaigns for Proposition 8 raised a total of over $74 million USD combined. The For Prop 8 side raised $35.8 million dollars, where as the gay activists side raised $37.6 million. This campaign has raised the most cash ever for a political campaign, has been the most expensive proposition campaign outside of the campaigns associated with the run for the White House.

Being Discriminatory has been the spearhead behind the yes vote on Prop 8. They also fought for the protection of education and church tax breaks. Organisations like relied heavily on religious groups, and ethnic minorities to have vote Prop 8 through. It is well documented that Barack Obama had a large black Christian following, that same group is also well known for being discriminatory towards gay’s rights, and liberal views.

Equality for All

HRC ( the Human Rights Campaign) was the main organisation that was against Prop 8. Their argument against Prop 8 was that “eliminating the rights of any Californian and mandating that one group be treated differently from everyone else was unfair and wrong”.

Californian Ideology in Question

The current results of the ballot, and amount of money raised by has been why this story is so newsworthy. California has always been marketed as a bohemian, free thinking, and liberal society. A society that is accommodating and accepting of alternative lifestyles, which are not overly religious, and a society that is very concerned with environmental issues. And the outcome of this election process has given everyday Californians, across the state the opportunity to reexamine whether this self belief that Californians are enlightened free spirits is true or not.

For more information, click here (Main article)

by Quinn Gormley


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