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Harrow Special Feature – Live Rolling News All Day

Posted by willd2 on October 29, 2008

Today we are pleased to announce a very special edition of The Quickie.  We will be revealing six exclusive stories of local importance and will be running them with live updates.  

The first update will be at 12.00.

Team Quickie x


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Has Autumn Snow affected London Transport?

Posted by therealquickie on October 29, 2008

The first October snow in over 70 years hit London last night.

Although the arctic weather caused hold-ups on the South East of England roads this morning, the trains continued to run – but with consequences – heavy delays on the London central lines.

Quinn Gormley, Broadcast Journalist, vented his frustration.

Problems for students

The University of Westminster students of Harrow Campus felt the strain as they waited for trains in the cold.

Late for university. Courtesy of

Close to university. Courtesy of

Destined for Northwick Park Station, the nearest tube stop to the University, the majority of students and lecturers were late after major delays on the Metropolitan line.

Animation student, Emily Pickford was stranded for half an hour, “I was stuck at Finchley Road Station, freezing. It was horrific.”

She, like many others, was in a hurry to get to the Harrow Campus of the University of Westminster, which can only be reached by the Metropolitan line.

Weather really to blame?

Northwick Park Station supervisor, Paul McGrath gave an official answer to the reasons for the lengthy delays on London trains today “there was a failure at Finchley Road.”

He went on to confirm the duty of the Transport For London “if it was down to snow, they’d tell you.”

The main lines that affected Harrow travellers today have been the Metropolitan and Piccadilly, which also had a knock on effect for the Circle and Hammersmith & City.

Technical difficulties

According to Paul Denton, a Travel Adviser for TFL, the delays at Finchley Road on the Metropolitan line was due to a signal failure.

More problems occurred on other lines this morning, including a train breakdown at Amersham “there is no way to predict a train’s breakdown” said Paul.

He denied that last night’s snowfall contributed to the delays on the lines today, “the service will continue, regardless of weather. Not much can stop those trains from running!”

Paul offered travel alternatives for students, suggesting they use the Bakerloo line to Kenton Station.

Traveller hype

In an interview with two Brent Borough officers on duty at Northwick Park Station,  it was clear that they had not seen any unusual disruption at the station and felt that travellers were hyping up an average day on the tube.

He said, “First bit of cold weather and everything goes to pot.”

Although, another officer added that “the transport system needs to be improved.”

Whether the snow caused the train delays today, perhaps taking Bus Route U2 would be a better option for tomorrow.

Elinor D. Davies (

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The Long Road To An Easy Degree

Posted by sarahnics on October 29, 2008

Every year universities decide who they should give honorary degrees to.

These people are being awarded degrees on the basis of their contribution to the perspective university or public life.

The usual procedure in deciding who gets an honorary degree depends upon the nominations by university lecturers.

The lecturers from the different schools put forward their candidates to the committee, who then decides who is the most deserving.

The committee then approaches the person, confidentially, and they choose whether they want to accept it.

In many circumstances nominees choose to withdraw themselves, for reasons varying from not liking the particular institution to already having to many.

For example, this year’s honouree Shami Chakrabarti already has nine honorary degrees.


The criteria for issuing honorary degrees depend upon whether the person is high profile enough and the type of person the university wants to be associated with.

Rob Watson, Westminster’s press officer said “You don’t choose a famous person over a non-famous person, we want a wide range. There are lots of ways to get a degree, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a doctor, just an honorary doctor.”

Issuing these degrees does not cost much money other than paying for the cap and gown, and lunch if they are lucky.

The university use honorary degrees as a way of honouring people who contribute largely to the university.

Honorary Problems

Being issued a degree is not always considered an honour to some people.

London Metropolitan University had to issue an apology to its Chinese students in July this year, for giving the Dalai Lama an honorary degree.

The university drew criticism from Tibetan freedom fighters, who accused the university of pandering to the Chinese government to protect their overseas recruitment plans.

However not all honourees caused such a stir.

Many well known public figures have been awarded honorary degrees, such as prime Minister Gordon Brown, Bob Geldoff and Christopher Bailey head designer for Burberry who was honoured by Westminster’s School of Media Arts.

University Westminster Press Office Christopher Bailey

Sarah Nicholas  (

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Abandoned Abroad

Posted by jenz30 on October 29, 2008

Rudy Hermann Guede has been jailed for 30 years for murdering student Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy.

The Leeds University student had been in the Umbrian town as part of her European Studies degree.

Jen reading about Meredith Kercher in today's paper

Jen reading about Meredith Kercher

How safe are students in a foreign country?

Westminster University realises that foreign students have real concerns and as a result have set up The International Student Welcome Programme.

Both International and European students who are new to the UK qualify for the programme.

It claims to offer future Westminster students:

  • an opportunity to meet and make friends with fellow students
  • information about living in the UK
  • information concerning studying in the UK and the University of Westminster

Student Opinion

International Journalism student Baya Agarwal has just come over from India and is now staying in halls on the Harrow campus at Westminster.

“I feel very safe in halls, much safer than I would elsewhere” she said. “We were given a Metropolitan Police briefing at the start concerning identity theft and never travelling alone. There was even a break-in last week but the university staff were very co operative and checked it out.”

When asked about living with strangers from the word go, she commented that “I was very lucky, there is an Indian guy next door and so i felt safe.”

In contrast, Bidhate Rai from Nepal chose not to live in halls by instead choosing to live with her in-laws in Hounslow West.

“If I hadn’t known someone in London, I would have considered living with strangers-I feel pretty safe over here and travel by tube everywhere.”

However, she criticised the university for not giving her the security briefing just because she was not living on campus.

Out and about

Quinn Gormley, our in-house roving reporter, was sent out earlier today to find out if and how the Meredith Kercher case has affected people’s opinions on studying abroad.

Of the nine students interviewed in and around the University of Westminster Harrow campus, all had heard of the case and were aware of today’s recent developments.

When asked ‘would you still consider studying abroad if the opportunity presented itself?’ all interviewees replied with a resounding ‘yes’.

Yet, these same students has concerns. Liam and Dean both commented that money and language would be their biggest worries on their year abroad, whilst Anne and Gord had fears over the destination and duration of the exhange.

What came up most however, was the need for a liaison officer in their country of choice, a person they felt knew the local area, culture and felt they could rely on and trust.Jennifer Willis-Jones,

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Is university a credit crunch haven? Continued

Posted by allie1985 on October 29, 2008

While the whole country seems to be in a financial meltdown, some of the Students at Westminster University are still living the high life.

Why are they not affected?

 A few students have made no changes to their spending whatsoever, although it might be because they have jobs as well as loans to fund them.



Sophie Spurgon who is a 1st year studying for a BA Digital Imaging and receives a full loan of £6,475. She mainly uses her loan to pay for Driving Lessons; the rest is put into savings.

“The credit crunch hasn’t affected me at all, although working definitely helps me financially”. Sophie works in a Camera store and lives on campus. She spends her extra money on going out, and designer clothes. She has no plans to cut back.

2nd year, Cameron Tariq is studying computer science and  has a similar point of view “I haven’t been affect by the credit crunch as I don’t spend much anyway”.

He mainly spends money on “boying up” his car, and smoking. He thinks he has so much money because he does not drink.

Cameron works one day a week in Homebase and reckons “the extra £100 a month really helps”.



What students say about their spending seems to be confirmed by the university Upper Crust sandwich bar. According to Mary who works there, “Students always spend whether they have money or not. I have not noticed a difference in sales at all over the three years I’ve been here”.

Eileen Shredd, the Student Union Shop Manager says much the same thing. She admits that prices has recently gone up due to suppliers increasing their prices but says, “If anything, we are doing better than before”.

According to Eileen, more students are coming to she shop since the canteen has also increased its prices. In the shop a bottle of coke is 95p whereas in the Canteen it costs £1. The shop also sells water for 50p whereas it also costs a pound in the canteen.

 Not everyone is happy


One student, Aaron Dixon, does feel affected by the credit crunch. He is a 2nd year photography student and unlike the other lives off campus in Kenton Road.Like Cameron and Sophie, he receives a full loan. He also works 3 days a week in a swanky hat shop called New Era. Aaron spends most of his money on rent, clothes and food.

“Certain things like bread, milk and eggs have really gone up. They are more expensive than usual. I really just try to buy what’s on offer”

Aaron has also started going out much less, “Clubs are just charging excessive prices and drinks have gone up lots”. It seems that having to pay for food, bills and travel really affects the student lifestyle.

The key to having an easy ride in the credit crunch is as follows- be an eternal student, but make sure you live on campus and have a loan.

Other articles on Students facing the credit crunch

Get Graduate warning

NUS warns students

 Alexandra Murphy


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Does Westminster Uni need Jamie Oliver?

Posted by lsjlaura on October 29, 2008

Jamie Oliver is being filmed in the US to explore American food and their eating habits, but do we need him here in Harrow to give some tips at the Westminster University canteen?

Upper crust busy serving


With the canteen divided into the baguette shop chain, Upper Crust and the universities salad bar and hot plates, there appears to be a good balance between hot and cold food.


Most students however, would like to see more variety at the canteen. There is some concern that the same foods appear everyday. The same example of cafeteria salad existing only of cucumber, tomato and lettuce was given by two different students.

Hannah Hultman, 24 a Marketing Communications student said: “It’s always the same thing everyday. Quality is acceptable but I’d prefer a better range.”

And her fellow colleague Lloyds Harding 23, who is a vegan finds that buying from the university doesn’t suit his needs. He would like to see more vegan options as this would account for vegetarians and those who eat Halal foods only as well.

Eating on the go


Fat or fit?

On my visit to the canteen, I could spot few if any students who were overweight. Certainly non were obese; Jamie Oliver would be pleased. Is this because Media and Arts students are just too busy to eat?

Many students admitted that they skipped meals because of lack of time. Others gave examples of their healthy regimes to stay in shape, Aaron Dixon, 20 who studies Photographic Arts said:

“I make sure I don’t eat too much junk. I eat a lot of veg and go to the gym too.”

But perhaps students are so slim because we just can’t afford to keep eating?

Student prices please

Time and time again, on asking about what Harrow campus students thought about the food served, opinions were based around price.

Ton Rycak, 25, a communication and networks student said that he was satisfied with the quality however he said that:

“It’s good food, but students shouldn’t be paying the same amount here as you would have to at a high street shop on Oxford Street.”

Laura Hawkins, 24 studying a Masters in Journalism agrees that the food, “Doesn’t seem to be subsidized for students.”

“You probably end up spending £4 or £5 on lunch everyday”, said Sihle, 22 and a compuer scientist.

Spending on vending


A fashion design student Catrina Holm said: “I wish there was somewhere we could buy a cheaper sandwich.” She also wishes there was a microwave so she could heat up her own food. Instead to avoid paying she brings in her own salads for lunch.

Bella Patel, 20 and a Multimedia computing student who was not impressed by canteen food prices said: “I tend to go out and get sandwiches from Sainsbury’s. It’s cheaper.”

Perhaps getting Jamie Oliver in would be too expensive. A Jamie Oliver book of recipes on the shelf might be a better canteen option.

By Laura James –

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Individual styles: the best mix and matches on campus

Posted by Athenais on October 29, 2008

See what’s stylish today at Westminster University: some edgy students are asked about their style, their favorite shops, their inspirations and style icons and what they think of their University’s style.

A lot of effortless looks and young designers seem to inspire students.

Sihle, 22, Computer Science

“I like to mix and match according to what I have in my closet, how I feel and the weather! I like comfortable styles. I mostly shop in Primark and Top Shop.
I like Beyoncee’s style, when she’s not dolled up.
I think the University has some really cool style. I would not wear them myself but they look great on other people.”

Veronika Hastovskaya, 21, MA Global Buisness

“I dress depending on my mood. I’m inspired by what is in journals, magazines and what I see on the streets. I think my style icon would be Keira Knightley.
I combine clothes from Top Shop and Selfridges.
I think it is really important that the people at this university have very personal and different styles. They build a new tendency, which becomes in vogue. Otherwise we would all be the same in 10 years, but because all these people have crazy styles we will all be different when we leave university. I think it’s really important to start standing out now.”

Thidarat Kaha, 20, BA fashion design

“I dress however I feel like in the morning, I like changing styles a lot, a can be dressed very differently from one day to the next, it just has to be edgy. I like tailoring a lot too. Designers like Henry Holland, Alexander Mc Queen and Christopher Kane. I mix and match my clothes, I shop at Top Shop, Portobello Market, Brick Lane Market and a lot of Charity shops.
I have been to other universities and this one definitely has more variety in terms of alternative styles. I like seeing all those different styles. Some inspire me but I think the most important is to make it your own, that’s what I do with all my clothes.”

Sarah Hailay, 22, BSC Cognitive Science

“I have a very edgy style, for example I’m going to wear a very tight top and something flowy at the bottom, or if I wear a flowy top, I will wear skinny jeans with it: I like contrast. I am very selective with my clothes and where I shop. Dsquared2 is my favorite designer and the one I get the most inspiration from. I also really like Stella McCartney, Galliano and vintage clothes.
I am, again, very selective when I shop. I buy things from the High Street, some vintage and some designer pieces.
I like the styles at this University, I think it’s very cool, everyone has their own style.”

Claire Barrow, 18, BA Fashion Design

“You caught me on my worst day, I usually pay attention to what I wear. I pick my clothes in the morning according to how I feel on the day. I get a lot of clothes on E-bay and from charity shops, but I also shop at H&M and Zara.
I’m more inspired by things going on around me, like cultural events, more than style icons or designers.
I quite like the style I see at university, especially in my fashion class. It’s important when you do design because they judge you on your individuality.”

By Anastasia Porret

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12.00 update…

Posted by willd2 on October 29, 2008

Below is a list of the stories that will be covered in The Quickies first ever live ‘Harrow Special Feature’:

  • Is snow to blame?
  • The long road to an easy degree?
  • Abandoned abroad?
  • Is university campus a credit crunch haven?
  • Does Wesminster University need Jamie Oliver’s help?
  • Expressing yourself, or out of control? Fashion at Westminster University.

We will be bringing you more news as we receive  it. TQ x

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Is Snow to blame?

Posted by therealquickie on October 29, 2008

What is going on with London Transport?

The usual surge of people flooded out of Northwick Park Station this morning.

However, many of the students and lecturers at the University of Westminster were running up to an hour late because of the train delays on the Metropolitan line.

After last night’s snow, travellers were quick to blame the cruel weather for their delayed journeys.

One irate 3rd year student exclaimed “I’m an hour late. It’s ridiculous!”

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The Long Road To An Easy Degree

Posted by sarahnics on October 29, 2008

While students across the country struggle to cope with tuition fees, work and life, major public figures are being gifted with free honorary degrees.

Among the list of Westminster University honourees are civil liberties activist and broadcaster Shami Chakrabarti CBE and Time Bevan CBE, to name a few.

Is it fair for students to have to pay so much for degrees, when the university hands them out for free.

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