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Has Autumn Snow affected London Transport?

Posted by therealquickie on October 29, 2008

The first October snow in over 70 years hit London last night.

Although the arctic weather caused hold-ups on the South East of England roads this morning, the trains continued to run – but with consequences – heavy delays on the London central lines.

Quinn Gormley, Broadcast Journalist, vented his frustration.

Problems for students

The University of Westminster students of Harrow Campus felt the strain as they waited for trains in the cold.

Late for university. Courtesy of

Close to university. Courtesy of

Destined for Northwick Park Station, the nearest tube stop to the University, the majority of students and lecturers were late after major delays on the Metropolitan line.

Animation student, Emily Pickford was stranded for half an hour, “I was stuck at Finchley Road Station, freezing. It was horrific.”

She, like many others, was in a hurry to get to the Harrow Campus of the University of Westminster, which can only be reached by the Metropolitan line.

Weather really to blame?

Northwick Park Station supervisor, Paul McGrath gave an official answer to the reasons for the lengthy delays on London trains today “there was a failure at Finchley Road.”

He went on to confirm the duty of the Transport For London “if it was down to snow, they’d tell you.”

The main lines that affected Harrow travellers today have been the Metropolitan and Piccadilly, which also had a knock on effect for the Circle and Hammersmith & City.

Technical difficulties

According to Paul Denton, a Travel Adviser for TFL, the delays at Finchley Road on the Metropolitan line was due to a signal failure.

More problems occurred on other lines this morning, including a train breakdown at Amersham “there is no way to predict a train’s breakdown” said Paul.

He denied that last night’s snowfall contributed to the delays on the lines today, “the service will continue, regardless of weather. Not much can stop those trains from running!”

Paul offered travel alternatives for students, suggesting they use the Bakerloo line to Kenton Station.

Traveller hype

In an interview with two Brent Borough officers on duty at Northwick Park Station,  it was clear that they had not seen any unusual disruption at the station and felt that travellers were hyping up an average day on the tube.

He said, “First bit of cold weather and everything goes to pot.”

Although, another officer added that “the transport system needs to be improved.”

Whether the snow caused the train delays today, perhaps taking Bus Route U2 would be a better option for tomorrow.

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Is Snow to blame?

Posted by therealquickie on October 29, 2008

What is going on with London Transport?

The usual surge of people flooded out of Northwick Park Station this morning.

However, many of the students and lecturers at the University of Westminster were running up to an hour late because of the train delays on the Metropolitan line.

After last night’s snow, travellers were quick to blame the cruel weather for their delayed journeys.

One irate 3rd year student exclaimed “I’m an hour late. It’s ridiculous!”

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