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The Macpherson report- a summary

Posted by allie1985 on October 14, 2008

In 1999 following the murder of Stephen Lawrence an enquiry was made into the Met over allegations that the force was riddled with “institutional racism”.

It was conducted by Sir William Macpherson and was brought about due to allegations that the police had not behave appropriately at the scene of Stephen Lawrence’s death and with the investigation that followed.

The report confirmed that the Met was  “institutionally racist” and that there was gross misconduct on the part of the police during the Stephen Lawrence case, primarily dues to racist views.

Their misconduct included failure to administer first aid to the victim as well as failing to follow obvious leads and failure to arrest subjects.

It also highlighted that the suggestions made in the 1981 Scarman report after the Brixton racial riots had been completely ignored.

The new enquiry presented some 70 reccommendations for the Met to embrace and extends the number of offences that can be classed as racist.

It presented a “zero tolerance” approach to racism and its aim was to make the police more accountable for acts of a racist nature. This enquiry is known as the Macpherson report.

Aspects of the enquiry relating directly to internal racism in the police force include

•    A review and revision of racial awareness training in police forces
•    Police officers would be subject to discipline up to 5years after retirement
•    All proven cases of racial “words or acts” to lead to a disciplinary and then to almost certain dismissal
•    Complaints against police officers should be handled externally so as to ensure a fair out come. The investigation of police officers by other police officers was “widely regarded as unjust”
•    Regular reviews of the selection process for promotion, to ensure fairness and equality
•    Annual reports to be published examining ethnic minority recruitment, promotion and retention levels

Another important aspect of the report was the recommendation that police forces should reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of the communities in which they serve so as to make the force more accessible and approachable to the public.

To view a list of all 70 recommendations follow the link.

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