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Eat Healthily and Save Pounds in Money and Weight: Is it Possible?

Posted by lsjlaura on November 6, 2008

During difficult financial times, we have to find ways of cutting down on expenses. One huge expense is the food we eat. Is it possible to keep it to a minimum cost and stay healthy?

Jamie Oliver has not released a book of cheap recipes yet, however there appears to be some tips already worth taking.

·     Protein to build muscle eg. mince meat

·     Carbohydrates for energy eg. rice, pasta, potatoes, beans

·     Fruit and vegetables for vitamins and minerals eg. broccoli, peas

·     Healthy fats to promote fat loss eg. fish oils, flax seeds, mixed nuts

·     Water for rehydration and recovery 

One theory is as long as this balance is kept, you can find cheap foods, which still fit the categories. For example, mince meats, such as ground beef can be made into different dishes. Jamie Oliver gives on example in the video below.


Cottage cheese, eggs (which are also high in vitamins) and tins of tuna are other cheap and healthy protein filled options.

Top Tips 

One “Get Rich Slowly” website promotes drinking tap water as an alternative to the other ways of rehydration. Bottled mineral water is not necessarily cleaner  and whether it tastes better is just a matter of opinion and adaptation.

Frozen fruit and vegetables, such as berries, beans and broccoli are a great way to save money, as they can be bought it bulk, stored for longer periods of time and are nutrient dense. In addition they take minutes to cook and don’t need to be peeled or chopped in preparation.


Nutritious and cheap

Buy all the food in one place, as traveling can add to the bill and so can time. And when it comes to buying the food it’s best to try not to impulse buy when walking past the bakery and sweets aisle by writing a list and sticking to it.

Then there is the obvious one. Eat less. Saves pounds in money and weight.

It is difficult sometimes to stick to new routines and get out of old habits, but with the determination, it could all be possible.

By Laura James –


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